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Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety Week

Bird Watching Field Trip

Outdoor Play Area


Outdoor Play Area

Outdoor Play Area

Spike, Annie, and Jenney

LEGO Table

Circle Time


Preparing to Plant

Valentine's Tarts

Candy Heart Sorting

Eating "Mud Pies"

Our Butterfly Emerged

Sorting Insects

Crystal Hunting

Duck, Duck, Goose

Spring has sprung!

Handmade Weaving Looms

Helping Birds Build Nests

Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe

Playing with our Hatchlings

Duckling Hatching

Field Trip to Botanical Gardens

Sprinkler Play on a Hot Day

"I Can Paint" Day

"I Can Cut" Day

Celebrating Mo Willems

Learning Our 50 States

Elephant Toothpaste

LEGO Letters

Valentine's Day Painting

Frog Metamorphosis

Guided Frog Drawing

Kid's Made Vegetable Soup

Caterpillar on our Butterfly Plant

Ducklings Arriving Soon!

Meet Jenney's new foal:  Annie

Sorting Seeds


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