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Nurture through Nature


Young children are not always equipped with the ability to nurture and show empathy towards other people.  Here at The Greenhouse Preschool, children are given the opportunity to develop these traits through hands on experiences with plants and animals.  There is a garden that the children are responsible for tending.  In it they plant a variety of vegetables and are taught to care for the young plants.  They are rewarded for their hard work with the harvest of their crops.  There are also goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, and dogs that Miss Christy and her family raise.  Children are able to see and interact with these animals each day.  They are taught the basics of what the animals need from us in order to live long and healthy lives.  We also talk about and practice how to treat animals with respect.  For example, many young children want to pull on a dog's tail and ears out of curiosity and playfulness, but we teach them that it hurts the dog when we do these things and sends a message that we do not care for them.  Then we talk about how to properly pet and touch an animal in a safe way that shows them that we care for and respect them. Research shows us that children will naturally begin to respect, nurture, and show empathy towards people as a result of these interactions.  Therefore, we strive to give all children these opportunities while at the preschool.

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