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Our Staff

At The Greenhouse Preschool, we love and value children.  We strive each day to encourage them to experience, explore, and play.  It is through these experiences, exploration, and play that children learn best.  Take a moment to meet our teachers.
Christy Zamora

This is Miss Christy.  She is the owner of and teacher at The Greenhouse Preschool.  She is a former kindergarten teacher from Flour Bluff ISD.  She spent five years as a kindergarten teacher, and in that time, she was named Elementary Teacher of the Year once and was a top five finalist for HEB Excellence in Education twice.  Miss Christy values and nurtures the development of curiosity and social skills in the early years.  She believes with these developments, academics will come more easily to the children.  She teaches using whole group, small group, and one-on-one.  There are opportunities each day for singing, dancing, playing, practical life skills, and exploring.  Together they discover how to learn. 



This is Granny.  She is a retired English teacher who is a storyteller at heart.  Her love for children and her calling to help them live more complete lives draws her to tell stories that show the main character faced with a moral dilemma.  The children delight in helping this "lost soul" find the right path.  In addition to telling stories, Granny enjoys writing, gardening, filmmaking, and playing with the grandchildren.  Most importantly, she is a follower of Christ who finds great satisfaction in studying God's Word and living her life according to His will. 

Shirley Thornton
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